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We specializes in capturing Motion, Fitness, Athletics and Physique.

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We are a fitness photography studio that specializes in capturing motion, fitness, athletics, and physique.  We love shooting on location as it allows us to create images of real moments and we will travel for photography sessions across Western New York. We take pride in being able to catch the exact moment in a movement that shows your ability, strength and grace.

We know that as a gym owner, health and wellness professional and entrepreneur creating your dream requires grit, patience,constant dedication and many hours spent on your business.

Let us help you capture an image that demonstrates all the work you put into your business, your body and your performance.

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About Me

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website. My experience as a freelance photographer spans many genres and locations. I specialize in on location portrait photography and strive to preserve and convey the mood and energy of the moment.

I enjoy meeting new people and working in different environments. If you have a special location where you would like to be photographed, or a vision that you would like to explore, I will gladly meet with you to discuss the possibilities.

Thanks again,